You all know the scene - adorable family photo with everyone except mom. She's often the one behind the scenes documenting all those gushy moments to be logged away for later enjoyment. We love that you're diligently capturing those moments, but we also want to emphasize MOM in the here and now! We know it can be uncomfortable to be in front of the camera, but today will be gone soon and tomorrow you'll wish you had some sweet photos of you and your babes. We're here to help! Every so often we'll host a Motherlove Pop-Up Portrait Event specifically aimed at getting MOM in the frame. These sessions are quick and painless, yet pack a powerful love punch; we're talking sob-fest, heart in a puddle on the floor kind of love punch. One that will make you forget the initial pain of getting in front of the camera in the first place. You and your children will cherish these for years to come! Guaranteed.